Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Review

Based on my point of view after gone through all this article,I conclude that the author try to emphasis and describes ways to help students to develop higher order thinking skills essential for today's world.Having said that thinking skills is pretty much invisible,the author tends to take several common situation surround us as an example in the purpose of to make it clear and can be understand by the reviewers.Indeed,its helpful and effective!..Without using a very bombastic words,still the author succeed to convey the main and important points in his article.He also stated that research by his group and others shows that people are often simply oblivious to situations that invite thinking.By doing research and observation,this shows how committed the author to make thinking visible.

Obviously,the author's view is much more to the educator's view and opinion.Its not a big suprise as he is one of the educators as well.From that,he tried to make thinking visible in many ways.He elaborate the points by giving some explanation that might be look simple and regular for us,but actually strong and meaningful.For instance,he said that to surface the many opportunities for thinking during subject matter learning is another way to make thinking visible.He also added that the thinking routines are helpful tools in this process because of the important characteristic of thinking routines is their ease of use.Moreover,it does not need to be taught at all as such.

Beside of giving several common situation and scenarios,the author also include the importance of questionnaires in this articles.Its good as it may eliminate boredom,increase the curiosity of the students and the students will be more likely to show interest and commitment.

At the end of the article,the author finally reveal that the large part of the challenge is the very invisibility of thinking is itself invisible as we don't notice how easily thinking can stay out of sight, because we are used to it being that way.Overally,what I can say is this article is perfect!



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